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About Bahamas

Sip your way to happiness with a bottle of the Best Packaged Drinking water. These refreshing bottles provide the body and mind with what they need whether you’re on the go, in your home, or at work helping, you make every moment count! Bahamas’ Packaged drinking waters keep you refreshed and hydrated, always.

Who Are We

Bahamas is the flagship packaged drinking water brand from the house of East Coast Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Bahamas name is derived from the natural island of Bahamas situated in the West Indies of the Atlantic Ocean. A tourist place famous for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and ever-refreshing natural beauty. Thus, our brand Bahamas packaged drinking water wants to reflect the freshness & purity associated with the name. Our products have been designed formulated and manufactured in India.

The packaged drinking water in the Bahamas has always been naturally fresh and healthy. Our water is pure and unique because of the journey, it takes through the variegated steps of distillation. Our purification process involves the incorporation of mineral composition and provides a deliciously balanced taste, becoming one of the best-packaged drinking water in Kolkata.

From Subterranean Layers To The Bottle!

The process starts with a borehole which is drilled 300 meters below the ground into sandstone where it’s percolated for water. We bring this up through high-pressure pumps and reverse osmosis before being filtered using various types of filtration methods, like micron-grade carbon filters to remove impurities or even UV processing that sterilizes your drinking supply without any loss in quality! Then it’s bottled just minutes after it comes out of this final filtration stages-all while maintaining good rooftop rain harvesting practices so as not to damage or harm any environment around you!

Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water

Our Water Quality

We are very proud to be officially recognized as one of the Best Packaged Drinking Water suppliers and we’ve worked hard for this distinction. We have consistently adhered to the rigorous set of criteria and strictly follow all rules and regulations of BIS and FSSAI from day one, making our water safe for everyone with no exception! We also use high-quality bottles that keep our water as fresh as it was sourced till you screw the cap.

Multi-layer Testing

Our water originates from a natural aquifer and protected subterranean underground source. It is bottled in our well-maintained factory and is rigorously tested in our in-house well-equipped Lab. We also do testing in other BIS accredited Labs to ensure it is microbiologically and chemically safe. Throughout the process, we ensure that we preserve the naturally balanced pH of the water, the blend of minerals, and a taste of freshness to finally cumulate the procedure into top-quality packaged drinking water.

our vision

To help people stay fit and healthy around the world.

our mission

We strive to provide the best quality product that satisfies our customers’ needs.

We Care: The 3 R's We Follow

Our bottle supplier members’ products are tested at the beginning and the end of each production run as well as hourly during production to ensure that the product exceeds all requirements set by the relevant government authority and Indian Beverage Association.


The PET bottles used by us for bottled water are as much as 60% lighter than those used just a few years ago there-by reducing raw materials.

Some of our supplier members are using recycled PET and renewable plant-based materials in their PET bottles manufacturing process. Thus, reduced weight and renewable materials reduce the environmental impact of bottled water.


Many PET bottles suppliers of ours use recycled PET for manufacturing bottles, and some even use offer 100% materials from recycled PET bottles.

Recycled PET bottles that are not used for beverage packaging are re-used to produce new packaging for other consumer goods or for polyester fiber to be used in the production of new clothes, carpets, and other goals.


Our supplier members have been actively involved in the development and implementation of the majority of recycling initiatives across the country.

Our PET bottle suppliers have always supported public awareness campaigns, educating other stakeholders, and have expanded recycling infrastructure in the away-from-home market too.

our certifications

We are very proud to be an officially recognized Packaged Drinking Water. To achieve and retain this classification we have consistently adhered to a comprehensive set of criteria and strictly follow all rules and regulations of ISI, ISO, and FSSAI from day one.


IS:14543 CM/L: 5100161475




9001:2015 Certified Company