How is staying hydrated beneficial for the performance of brain and overall memory?

We have repeated this line numerous times in each of our articles and we would go on repeating the same innumerous times, that water is the primordial need of life and you are just a piece of rubble without the same. The benefits of drinking water are plenty and the disadvantages of staying dehydrated are vast. Not only does the proper intake of water help you get a proper life in terms of your physical growth but also in terms of mental health too!! Especially when you are drinking one of the best-packaged drinking water in Kolkata added with the proper proportion of the nutrients and treatment stay assured that your health would be getting even better!! So let’s come back to the topic. In this article, we would be discussing how staying properly hydrated would help you enhance your brain performance and improve your overall memory. So stay tuned and keep reading. 

The Best Packaged Drinking Water helps you improve your overall productivity

The subheading given above is not just commercial paraphernalia and addresses the face value of the Top Drinking Water suppliers in Kolkata. It’s a true fact, taking a refreshing sip from one of the Best Packaged Drinking Water has a lot of advantages in terms of improving brain performance and we enlist them here. So here it goes- 

More Oxygen to the Brain

The only medium through which the oxygen reaches the brain is the blood. Besides all sorts of nutrients reach the brain with the help of blood. As a known almost 95% of the blood is composed of water. Now under the dehydrated condition due to lack of water, the blood becomes hyper-concentrated as a result to maintain the same force of blood the heart has to give an extra push as a result the concentration of oxygen that reaches the brain is reduced because now the heart is consuming extra oxygen for more energy. 

More Nourishment to the neurons

For those who do not know about the concept, neurons are the cells that are present in the brain that send signals for all the activities that we perform throughout our lives. As mentioned in the previous point the lack of water can affect oxygen transmission to the brain. The same concept applies to the brain too, that without the proper nutrition, nutrients find it harder to reach the appropriate location. However, unlike others when you trust one of the Best Packaged Drinking Water in Kolkata, it has added micronutrients that besides easing up the nutrient transmission add up to your nutrient quotient. 

Better Hormone Release 

If you don’t know about the pituitary gland we suggest going and getting some information about the same. Let better it be said it is one of the organs that play a crucial role in hormonal transmission in the body. Now, how is its functioning related to the working of the brain? Let’s see. The pituitary is a part of the frontal brain and acts as an extension. Now in the conditions of extreme dehydration, there are chances that the nerve of the pituitary may get dried because of improper transmission of nutrients as a result you see the chronic hormonal imbalance. The lack of testosterone that you see these days has its cause here. 

No Dementia or Parkinson’s disease 

As mentioned in one of the previous points the neurons can get affected if the body is subjected to prolonged dehydration conditions as an added piece of information, dehydration can slow down your memory as the neurons which do not get the proper blood supply tend to dry down. However, keeping a bottle of Bahamas Packaged drinking water can save you from this hassle. 

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