Why are micronutrients added to Bottled Drinking Water?

Being one of the Best Bottled Drinking Water in Kolkata is quite of a responsibility. Each bottle of Packaged Drinking Water that we sell is not just a bottle but also a life that quenches your thirst and gives you a new opportunity to live. Following this pretext there has to be something special in the water. This is where the role of the micronutrient comes into the scene. Micronutrients are a great addendum when applied to the case of bottled drinking water. In this article, we would be discussing the various micronutrients that are added to water and their purpose for the same.

Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water is always ready to add extra value to your lives

Yes, this is what we exactly do at Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water, we give a dash of freshness to everyone who takes a sip of one of the Best Bottled Drinking Water in Kolkata. So here it goes-


This is one of the most important minerals that you need to survive. When you are toiling hard on a hot and humid day, the sweat you take takes off a lot of minerals. a major portion of which is constituted by Calcium. Besides the Calcium makes up a huge percentage of the bones. So from the fresh time you take a sip from the Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water be assured that some of the electrolyte imbalance is also getting replenished. Calcium also has a lot to contribute to maintaining the ionic equilibrium of the body. 


The point at which you are afflicted with dehydration, the first ion that shows as depreciation is sodium. Sodium plays a major role in maintaining the ionic equilibrium of the body. The Ionic Gateways as well as the neurotransmitter conduction have a very contribution the sodium in their smooth operation. The thing is that when you are choosing to buy bottled Drinking water in Kolkata you are not only just quenching your thirst but also giving a dose of good health too. 


The thing is that this nutrient functions in a similar manner just as sodium, however, the thing is that, this also plays a key role in saving you from heat-stroke on a hot sunny day. The trochlear fluid that is filled in the ear has a large concentration of potassium besides the blood to has a huge concentration of potassium. With excessive sweating on a hot day the potassium that you lose can be replenished with a sip of Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water.


If you have ever read the procedure of Glycolysis (the process to break glucose into ATP for energy) then you would realize the importance of Magnesium in catalyzing the process. So you can get an idea, that if the quantum of the magnesium reduces in your body then the energy resources might be depleted. 


This is the last micronutrient to come into the trail.  Chlorine forms a major part of the hydrochloric acid that helps in your digestion. Sometimes after moving around on a hot sunny day, you might have indigestion, the reason being the HCL content has reduced. So take a sip of the Bahamas and stay healthy. 

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