How do we purify the sample water to make it suitable for drinking?

You might be a rare species to not have tasted the mineral water. However, if get to grab a bottle of Bahamas then rest assured that it has been purified with the latest optimizing procedures. Being one of the Best Bottled Water Suppliers in Kolkata we have the responsibility to sustain you with good health. In this article, we talk about the purification procedure that we typically use to purify the sample water to make it drinkable. So stay tuned and keep reading. 


Best Packaged Drinking Water comes with the best purification procedure

The point is that the drinking water which you consume every day has to pass through a series of procedures before getting in touch with you. The following points explain in detail the 8-step procedure that is mainly followed while purifying water.


Ion Exchange

By performing electrolysis, as a consequence, the hard water is reduced to soft water. The thing is many hardcore minerals that involve lead, mercury, iron, and cadmium are removed in the process. As one of the Top Packaged Drinking Water in Kolkata, we use the latest technologies in the electrolysis procedure for removing the heavy minerals such that the health remains stable. 


Granulated Carbon filtration

Once the Ion Exchange is over the sample water is filtered through an electrically fortified granulated carbon, the granulated carbon is helpful in removing organo-halogens, which involve chlorine, bromine, and other elements. Besides any other pesticide if present also gets removed. Being one of the Best Packaged Drinking Water suppliers in Kolkata we have optimized our plant with the latest granulated carbon techniques. 


Sedimentation Filtration 

Sedimentation filtration is mainly used for the removal of sand or grit in the sample water. The sedimentation procedure is also effective against fouling or clogging of the microbes in water.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the pivotal point of Packaged Drinking Water where the reverse pressure is applied to condense the vapor such that the pure water is collected at the end of the pot. As one of the Best Packaged Drinking Water suppliers in Kolkata, we ensure that our osmosis procedure has strictly adhered to the purification guidelines.


Micro carbon Filtration

At this point of the water purification procedure, the micro-carbons are removed. This process ensures that the carbon particles of approximately 5 microns are removed. The removal of the micro carbon particles ensures that the anti-bacterial proponent of the water is increased. As a matter of fact, we can ensure that at Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water besides the micro carbon filtration, we also follow a six-step distillation procedure that is bound to enhance the purity of water. 


Ultraviolet Disinfection

Now that the inorganic particles have been removed, it is time that the viruses and the bacteria be killed. It is for this reason that ultraviolet disinfection is used. In this procedure, the laser of the ultraviolet light kills the bacteria beginning the first phase of organic disinfection.



This procedure is mainly used for the increase in the oxygen content of the packaged drinking water. Besides many organisms such as cryptosporidium also get killed in the procedure.


Storage and dispensing

The ozonized water is stored in the tank as per guidelines set by the government of India. The methods of preservation are followed as per the guidelines set by the govt. Finally, it reaches you in the packaged bottles.

Get the best-packaged drinking and taste the excellence of purity.

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