Bottled Water v/s Tap Water- Busting the myths relating to a better drinking future

You can agree with the fact or you can disagree with the fact but you cannot deny it. Pure water is the primordial need of life. Now there are various sources to extract the same, out of which two of the main sources are Tap water and Bottled Water. In this article, we will be busting some myths regarding the same. However, myths or no myths the importance of the best packaged drinking water cannot be diminished. They are one of the mediums through which purity reaches you and your pulse. However, the myths are needed to be busted for better clarity on what to drink and what not. 

The Best Packaged Drinking Water stands as the very epitome of purity

The Best Packaged Drinking Water suppliers in Kolkata always stay on the front foot batting for the commitment and trust that the customers have in us. In the following points, we will be discussing and busting various myths regarding Bottled water and Tap Water. So here it goes. 

Tap Water is un-healthy

Yes, honestly speaking this myth has a lot to speak for itself. Frankly speaking, packaged drinking water has to pass through a series of testing, trials, and tribulations as a result the impurities keep on getting removed however in the case of Tap water such procedures are not available, so all the microbes stay as it is. Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water always tries to produce optimal quality in the packaged drinking water such that each sip is refreshing. 

Bottled water is healthier

Yes, this is also true in the sense. With continuous improvisations in the purification procedure, the water quality also keeps improving. The added minerals are a bonus in the product. The micronutrients added in the Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water helps you maintain the ionic balance of your body. 

Chlorine is bad for water purification

This is applicable only after a certain percentage of addition, the addition of the chlorine at a certain percentage kills the microbial percentage. Also, after the addition of chlorine, the taste of the water improves. The effective chlorine percentage addition is 0.1% which we strictly follow at our water purification units.

Tap water smells bad

The tap water smells bad; because it directly comes from the groundwater source. The groundwater is the home of all the microbes that can infect humans. The water can also contain the fecal residue of the microorganisms. This is the reason why it smells bad. In the Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water, we pass the drinkable water through the six-step reverse distillation process followed by additional purification treatments which ease the odor o water. 

Alkaline water is good, iodized water is bad 

This is also a myth based on the half information, alkaline water is good only when the body is under the influence of hyperacidity not in other conditions. On the flip side of the coin, the iodized water acts as a micro-nutrient supplier to the body. So all the same is not bad.

In this article, we have tried to clear you with some of the myths relating to packaged drinking water, so the next time you go and buy a bottle of Bahamas stay assured that you are drinking just the best. 

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