Why does packaged drinking water need to be alkaline to a particular percentage?

When you are buying a bottle of packaged drinking water you might not end up giving a glance at the ingredients, but as one of the best-packaged drinking water suppliers of Kolkata, we tried to make it a point to you about what exactly we target our waters to be like. This article is the result of that attempt. So stay tuned and keep reading, if not your water basics much of your science basics will get cleared from this article.


Best Packaged Drinking water comes with a healthy purpose for you

So let us begin from the basics. For those who are first encountering this term let us answer the primary questions first.


What exactly alkalinity is?

Let us get your chemistry concepts clear before you end up going aww! State. To know about the alkalinity you need to know something called pH first. PH is the exact measurement of the concentration of the protons or hydrogen ions in a particular solution. A lower concentration of Hydrogen ions makes a solution alkaline and a higher concentration of protons makes the same acidic. As one of the responsible packaged drinking water suppliers it is our responsibility that the bottled water we are producing meets up the health standards of our customers. Now going a bit further let us discuss the exact benefits of drinking slightly alkaline water.


Benefits of Alkaline Packaged Drinking Water


Toxicity removed 

Alkaline water is an excellent toxicity remover, when you are drinking slightly alkaline-based water; the acidity inside your gut gets cured because the protons of the acid get neutralized by the OH- ions of the alkaline water-producing digestive water. At the Bahamas, we believe that our water should not only be a medium for quenching your thirst but also a medium that improves your overall health.


Body PH remains stable

Alkaline pH can work wonders just in case you want to balance the pH of your body. Being one of the best-packaged drinking water supplierswe have always prioritized keeping you fit and healthy. Just in case you are suffering from GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) alkaline water can be a great boon for relieving inter-gastric irritation. The alkaline water can be a great boon just in case you want to increase your immunity.


Calcium deficiency recovered 

Extra acid inside your corpuscle can be a great reason that your calcium storage gets corroded. However being one of the Best Packaged Drinking water we ensure that your bones stay fit, and the calcium storage of your bone can get replenished on account of the Hydroxyl ions that the slightly alkaline mineral water possesses on account of the inherent composition.


Helps in weight loss 

A Hyper-concentration of acidity may play an indirect role in the formation of LDL (Low-Density Lipids), which are harmful to metabolism however the only way to curb this down is by accessing the Hydroxyl ions through alkaline mineral water.


Overall happy health 

Lastingly going a bit alkaline can give you overall happy health.

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