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Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water is one of the brands that you can rely on for quenching your thirst. With our six-step distillation process to purify the water, you are only bound to get the best. Once you take a sip of the Bahamas Bottled Water you are bound to experience the freshness of aquifers of the subterranean sources enriched with a balance of natural minerals.

The unique composition and balanced taste of minerals are bottled in our well-maintained factory and are rigorously in-house tested in our well-equipped lab. We’re committed to serving you with the Kolkata’s Most Loved Packaged Drinking Water. Our water is tested in BIS-accredited labs so that we can deliver a quality product and serve the healthiest water to you.

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Bahamas-packaged drinking water refreshes your body and mind with each sip at just an affordable price. Whether at the office or on the go, Bahamas is available at your nearest store.

Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water

Door-to-Door Delivery Services

With a wide network of distributors and reliable local distributors always toiling hard to make the Best Bottled water available at your nearest shops. We make your bottling options just more affable with our delivery options. You can order anything starting from 500ml pet bottles to 5-litre jars and our delivery persons will be just at your doorsteps with your ordered volume.

Steps To Get Delivered

Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water
Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water
Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water
Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water

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