Why should you dispose of a Packaged Water bottle within seven days of use?

When you are searching for the Best Packaged Drinking Water in Kolkata, definitely Bahamas is the name. With a six-step distillation procedure, you are bound to get the umpteen purity in the water. However, the thing is that the packaged drinking water bottle that you might be using might be posing a problem for you. As a summarized piece of advice, we would like to state that once you are done using the packaged drinking water please dispose of the bottle as soon as possible, because many of the times we have this bad practice of using it for domestic purposes which should not be the case, the bottles made for the domestic uses have a different chemical composition altogether and are safer.


The Packaged Drinking Water keeps your health happy but the bottle doesn’t 

If you have read the headline clearly then you would get an idea that why keeping the bottle can be harmful. So let’s start with the basics


What is the pet bottle basically made of?

The bottle that you generally buy not only of the Bahamas Packaged Drinking Water but of all the brands has the same composition i.e they are made up of a mixture of various grades of Polyethylene Terephthalate, and the reaction is mainly catalyzed by the Antimony. When the bottles are prepared there are various layers of the polythene being given upon the basic patch of the Terapthalate such that the dissociation can be stopped, however, the layers of the polythene depend upon the duration of use. For instance, for the use of domestic purposes, whereas the dissociation point is 6 months, the pet bottles are prepared for 14 days after which the dissociation of the Terapthalate starts.


Why is it feasible to throw away?

Once the Terapthalate dissociation starts it is impossible to stop the dissociation and it continues to go ahead. Antimony is used in the procedure as a catalyst is a prime cause why the antimony poisoning happens. Antimony is basically a slow poison that slowly reduces the overall metabolism of the body slowly taking it toward a paralytic attack.


Why doesn’t the water in the pet bottle get affected?

The thing is that the Top quality packaged drinking water in the bottle has to pass through the six-step distillation procedure as a result of which most of the microbial organisms are killed. Similarly, the bottles that we use are passed through irradiation treatment. The irradiation treatment seals the antimony catalysis procedure as a result the Polyethylene Terephthalate goes into the naïve state. As a result, the dissociation rate is far lower than the normal bottles.



The Top Quality Drinking Water that you get to drink has to pass through a lot of twists and turns before you get to drink it, using the bottles judiciously will help you lead a healthy life.

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